CLP – Constituency Labour Party

Torbay CLP includes Torquay and Paignton branches.  We are actively building our presence in Torbay, making a difference in the community and preparing to contest the Parliamentary seat whenever that might be.

The CLP meets regularly, sometimes in Torquay and sometimes in Paignton.

Current officers are:

Chair: Andy Symons
Vice-Chair: Liz Parnell
Vice-Chair Membership: Ken Pickering (
Secretary: Michele Middleditch (
Treasurer: Eddie Harris
Women’s Officer: Catherine Fritz (
Policy Officer: Chris Harvey (
Youth Officer: Ellie Reeve
Trade Union Liaison Officer: Francis Banks and Catherine Fritz, job share
Auditors: Victoria Blake and George Govier
Social Activities Coordinator: none

At this time our meetings are all-member meetings.  Please come to the meetings and contribute to our discussions, plans and activities.  If too few people attend the meetings, we may have to change to a delegate-based system, although we all prefer to enable all members to attend and to vote at meetings.