CLP – Constituency Labour Party

Torbay CLP includes Torquay and Paignton branches.  We are actively building our presence in Torbay, making a difference in the community and preparing to contest the Parliamentary seat whenever that might be.

The CLP meets regularly, sometimes in Torquay and sometimes in Paignton.

Current officers are:

Chair: Andy Symons
Vice-Chair: Liz Parnell
Vice-Chair Membership: Ken Pickering (
Secretary: Michele Middleditch (
Treasurer: Eddie Harris
Women’s Officer: Open
Policy Officer: Open
Youth Officer: Open
Trade Union Liaison Officer: Francis Banks
Auditors: Victoria Blake and George Govier
Social Activities Coordinator: Open

At this time our meetings are all-member meetings.  Please come to the meetings and contribute to our discussions, plans and activities.  If too few people attend the meetings, we may have to change to a delegate-based system, although we all prefer to enable all members to attend and to vote at meetings.

Our next AGM is scheduled for Tuesday 24th March. All officers are up for re-election.