Friday 2:00 p.m. On the train trip to Brighton I’ve been working on my conference schedule, booking the events I want to attend into my diary.  If only cloning technology was available! There is so much of interest: training of all sorts, policy seminars, main floor conference activities, fringe events, and more.


Friday 8:00 p.m. Tidal power! Our tidal power motion (below) was accepted to go to conference. The next step is the priorities ballot on Saturday where we hope that tidal power will be one of the top 10 topics in the area of Green New Deal. If it is, then I will meet with others with similar motions at the compositing meeting Saturday night to finalize the motion that will be debated at conference. Even if it is not voted to be one of the top 10, the motion will be referred to the Environment, Energy and Culture Policy Commission for further consideration.


Conference will start properly tomorrow at 12:00 with a briefing for South West delegates, followed by a policy seminar on Environment, Energy and Culture. The opening formalities are at 2:00, with voting on priorities in the afternoon.  I also plan to attend a few training sessions along with some fringe events.


I’ve also been reading through the National Policy Forum (NPF) report; it is worth reading. ( The NPF often invites us to contribute our thoughts – as individuals or as branches of CLPs – and it is encouraging to see how those thoughts are woven into a constructive narrative. I will be all the more encouraged to reply to their consultations, seeing how some of the responses help to shape Labour Party policy.

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