The NHS 70th Birthday party was a good time and a successful event, bringing together Save our Hospital Services (SOHS), Labour CLPs and Unions.

Attendees signed a giant Birthday Card. Torbay Labour provided a birthday cake as well.

The card and cake were presented to representatives from Teignmouth hospital who were very pleased to receive them and planned to share out the cake across a few days so that all staff could have some.

The NHS birthday cookies were available to all, with a suggested donation of 40p. We raised £15.94 for SOHS and £15.94 for Torbay Labour from cookie donations.

The event included a rally with speakers at 11:00, a march to the park, and additional speakers in the afternoon at the park.

We wrapped up a little early, because of the England football game that afternoon.

Thanks very much to Newton Abbot CLP for organizing the event and to everyone who contributed in preparing and on the day.


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