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We have a Constituency Labour Party (CLP) that includes the Torquay and Paignton areas. Sadly, we have a Conservative MP from this constituency, but we will continue to communicate with our MP on matters that concern us as individual constituents and some day we will work together to get a Labour MP!


Paignton Branch and Torquay Branch are the two branches in the CLP.


The Torbay Council area includes all of Torbay CLP plus parts of Totnes CLP.

All of the seats on Torbay Council will be up for election on 2 May, 2019.

We are currently accepting applications from members who would like to become a Councillor and/or are willing to run for Council in the wards where we are less likely to win.

The application and information are available online. You can also apply online.  Questions?  Contact us.

Councillors, Wards, and Boundaries:

To identify your ward and your councillors, enter your postcode on this webpage.

Ward boundaries are changing in October.  To see the old and new ward boundaries, go to this webpage.